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"Tackling has decreased, that's why there aren't as many great defenses"

Indiana took a top ten Ohio State team down to the wire on Saturday in a 52-49 shootout.

After the game, Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson was asked about their point total being the highest the Hoosiers have ever put up against a top ten opponent. Wilson responded by saying, "It was four points not enough."

Wilson was also asked about their tackling performance, adding that it was good at times, and bad at times. Coach Wilson said that he "saw something the other day" from Chip Kelly noting his belief that missed tackles are largely due to personnel, which is a belief that he shares.

"You have to give credit to those guys being good players. The best thing to do is go to a little league game or a junior high or JV game and listen to some parent or coach say 'block somebody'. So you're always thinking 'tackle somebody'. Well it's kind of hard, it's not like you can always make the tackle, those are good players."

"We continue to work on it, but it's a dynamic of college football. Tackling has decreased year after year, that's why there's not as many great defenses as there used to be."