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Taggart: We want to be known as the team that runs 'The Power'

Western Kentucky first-year head coach Willie Taggart is bringing “The Power” from Stanford to Western Kentucky. Taggart, who coached Toby Gerhart as the Stanford running backs coach in 2009, has a classic quote yesterday.

Taggart stated, “We want to be known as that team that runs the power. You know, you see that old lady in the store and you ask about WKU football, she’s going to say ‘Oh that’s that team that runs the power.’ That’s what we want to be known for. And if you’re going to run that, you’ve got to be physical.”

“Our guys are coming, it’s like night and day compared to spring ball. We’re not there yet, but we’re still coming. Every day, I see improvement. I’m sitting around for that day when Coach Taggart gets emotionally hijacked and I haven’t.”

“I told the offensive line they will be the heart of our football team. We gotta develop a physicallity up front. We are going to set an identity, It’s going to start with those guys, the O-Line and the fullback.” 

When a reporter made Taggart aware that the offensive line and offensive line coach were not taking questions from the media until after WKU’s first win, Taggart responded, “It’s important to them. They really want to win a football game. They took that amongst themselves. That was news to me. They put the pressure on themselves. They want to win a ball game, they haven’t done anything. That’s the way they feel and I’m fine with it.” 

“I really like our football team. Nobody is complaining. We’re in the dog days of camp. Guys are still getting after it and competing.” 

“I think it’s good too that it’s off and on. Defense will do something then the offense will respond. That’s kind of how it went throughout the day, which is good. It’s good to see both of them win, not just one or the other.”

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