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Take a look at Louisville's new stadium addition

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich showcased the new addition to Papa John's Stadium.

Jurich says, "Many times you been something like this, you hope it comes out as nice as the renderings. I think this project exceeded the renderings. It doesn’t look like an addition to me. I love the terrace."

"We could have gone bigger. (More importantly) we wanted it to be better. I can’t imagine a stadium nicer than this."

"We all know there are bigger stadiums, but this too could have been a lot bigger too if we just had bench seat. We could have added 20,000 seats right off the bat if just had benches, but we didn’t choose to do that. We know in recruiting it’s going to be a huge asset."

"This club, there are not many that will rival this thing in the country...maybe a few pro stadiums." 

Take a look at the video of Jurich walking you through the new additions at Papa John's Stadium. It's pretty sweet.