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Tedford on social media and recruiting

Jeff Tedford says that he has used his Twitter account just once, and that was to tweet that he was heading to a concert.

"...and my wife almost threw me out of the car." Tedford said.

Yesterday, after introducing their 17 man recruiting class, Tedford acknowledged that social media is a huge part of how teenagers communicate in today's society. "It's just kind of the times we live in now. It's been a very unique recruiting season...unlike any other. With the Twitter and the's just a different day and age." Tedford went on to say that he thinks that him and his assistants need to better understand how to use social media to aid in recruiting efforts. 

Tedford added that he has never seen a time where "a 17- or 18-year-old can get up and type four words in the morning, hit 'send' and everyone goes into a tailspin."