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Tee Martin reflects on the transition to USC

It took a little while for Lane Kiffin to convince Tee Martin and his family that moving to Southern California was the right thing to do, and now that he has been on the job for nine days he took some time to reflect.

Martin said that one of the many things that makes Kiffin a great recruiter is his ability to make you comfortable about a situation. Kiffin even had his wife Layla talk to Tee Martin's wife to ease some of their concerns.

Making a "lateral" move in the coaching profession, Martin told Pedro Moura of ESPN, that it is a blessing to already have the talent on campus, but the bigger question is for him was "Are you going to a school where you can recruit the talent that you need?" He went on to say that even if USC didn't have the talent that they have at the receiver position now, that he felt there was no denying the tradition at USC, and that would help him bring in the type of guys to take the program where they want to take it.

Martin also reflected how he handled telling recruits and players that he had decided to take the job. "I called them. For the most part, I had relationships with them to where I told them the truth and I was blatantly honest with them throughout the recruiting process. They understood that this was something that was best for my family and my career. And I was honest with them. It wasn't a deal where I tried to let it bowl over for a week and then do it. Immediately when I knew I was taking it, I called those guys.'

Martin reminded recruits that it's the University, not the coach that should be the reason you enroll at a school. Classy move Coach Martin.