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Oklahoma and Oklahoma State play with great tempo.

In two games, Oklahoma is averaging 83 offensive plays and is averaging 35 points per game.

Oklahoma State has played 3 games and is averaging 86 plays and 52 points per game.

Georgia Tech is averaging a huge 59 points per game and is doing it on 65 plays per game. In fact, on Saturday they put up 768 total yards on only 57 plays. 13.5 yards per play. Unreal! Anyone ever seen that before?

One might think that Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Georgia Tech's defenses must be dominating to help their offenses be so effective; but the stats don't show that. All three are "middle of the pack" in most defensive categories.

On the other end of the spectrum, UAB and FAU are struggling to find their tempo. UAB is averaging 49 plays over it's first two games and has only scored 10 total points; and FAU is averaging 45 plays and only only scored 3 points this season (2 Florida and at Michigan St.).