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Tennessee has taken team building to the deep end

It's no secret that a big part of the summer programs for strength and conditioning coaches is team bonding and getting a head start on building some positive team chemistry heading into fall camp.

At Tennessee, associate head coach Steve Stripling told GoVolsXtra that their team building activities have included a white water rafting trip, a couple of weekends on the beach, a handful of barbecues and a few military style boot camps.

The most interesting bonding experience took place in the deep end of a pool during one of those military style workouts with The Program, a traveling boot camp directed by former elite athletes and military leaders aimed at pushing athletes to their limits. 

The Program had players of all different swimming abilities get in the deep end of the pool and challenged them to stay afloat. Needless to say the best swimmers got just as good of a workout as the struggling swimmers.

“A lot of our guys aren’t great swimmers. A lot of our guys don’t swim at all. So you’re thrown in the deep end and all the time you’re looking around making sure your teammates aren’t drowning.” Stripling noted.

While we can imagine that the activity was being closely watched by numerous people out of the pool, this has got to be one of the more interesting team building experiences we've come across this off season. Everyone gets some great cardio in and it's also a great exercise in trust, which should translate well onto the field on Saturday afternoons.