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Tennessee taking camp on the road

Derek Dooley is taking the Vols on a short two hour road trip to Milligan College (NAIA - TN) for a change of scenery during a week of camp.

"It's something they hadn't done. It's hard, but it's fun." Dooley said of the trip.

"Every day's going to be an adventure, and there'll be 48 things we didn't think about that we've got to go on the fly. I'm going to tell the team, 'Things are going to happen there that are all different, and everything is going to be premised around your attitude when you get on the bus.' You can be a negative guy and complain about everything, or you can embrace it as an awesome opportunity."

The accommodations are going to be a far cry from what the players are used to, and Dooley admits that the logistics are going to be a headache for the Vol's support staff, but in the long run it should be beneficial for both the Vols, and Milligan College. 

The Vols will get some quality team bonding time in during the getaway, and Milligan will surely benefit from the publicity of having the Vols on campus. Dooley also wants the trip to serve as a reminder to be thankful for what you have.

"What I also told them is when you come back I hope you're going to appreciate what Tennessee gives you every day. You're not going to get that over there. Those dorms look a little different, facilities look a little different and our guys take it a little bit for granted because this is all they know." Dooley explained.

"They've got Gatorade any time they want. That doesn't seem like a big deal, but we couldn't afford it when I was at Louisiana Tech. It was turn on that hose to get a little water."