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Texas high school football gets it

A viewer sent us a link today to the Texas High School Coaches Association's website. THSCA has entered into a multi-year agreement with Digital Sports Video (DSV) in which DSV is now the official video company of the THSCA. 

As part of the agreement, DSV will provide:

  • Free video exchange for all coaches in Texas
  • Free access for high school athletes to produce recruiting highlight videos for Player Direct, the largest recruiting video library in the nation
  • DSV will provide sport specific video technology education at the THSCA annual coaching school

In our opinion, the THSCA has just set the standard. They recognized how integral video has become in today's world. They reached out to DSV with whom they already had a relationship (and the video technology provider that most high schools in Texas use anyway) and said let's make this easier for all of our coaches. 

We love the fact that DSV will be providing video technology education for free at the coaching school. 

Video is evolving and everyone knows the impact video is having in recruiting. High school coaches and athletes need access to the best possible technology (and training to use it) and we think this is a great partnership that the THSCA and DSV / Player Direct have entered into. 

It is widely known that DSV is a sponsor of The Scoop and we truly appreciate the relationship we have with them. In this case, our relationship isn't what's driving this article. 

This is truly a step in the right direction. For as anyone who has ever worked as part of a college recruiting staff will tell you, life would be so much easier if every high school and their athletes used a common video platform and everyone had access to the same video.