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Texas Tech getting aggressive in non-conference scheduling

Without a doubt the absolute worst consequence of conference realignment has been the destruction of decades-old rivalries. The nation has mourned the loss of Texas-Texas A&M, Kansas-Missouri and Pittsburgh-West Virginia. Even BYU-Utah and Notre Dame-Michigan have felt the effects of the conferences' game of musical chairs. 

One of the more colorful rivalries lost in the land grab was Texas A&M-Texas Tech. This is a rivalry (though the Aggies may balk at deeming Texas Tech a rival) that started with a horse-nabbing, continued when Texas Tech fans rammed their own goal post into the Texas A&M section after their 2001 win in Lubbock, and ended with a (possibly staged) bus vandalism. This is a rivalry where the quote "sometimes a pirate can beat a solider", uttered by Mike Leach seconds after the Red Raiders beat the Aggies in College Station, struggles to crack the top five most colorful moments in the rivalry this decade.

Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt isn't ready to see this series fall by the wayside just yet.

“We would welcome the opportunity to play Texas A&M in every sport,” Hocutt said to the Dallas Morning News. “It was a fun rivalry, a good rivalry and one in the future that we can begin again.”

Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman responded by stating that though nothing was on the table as of yet, the Aggies "would entertain anything."

That's not the only tasty series the Red Raiders have tried to schedule. Anyone who watched Kliff Kingsbury's introductory press conference remembers the coach turning to Hocutt and asking for a home-and-home series with Cincinnati and their newly-hired head coach Tommy Tuberville.

Turns out that wasn't just West Texas bluster. Texas Tech asked. Cincinnati declined.

“We asked. They declined,” Hocutt said. “It was a series that was even discussed prior to Tommy getting the Cincinnati job. After he got the job, they had no interest in continuing the talks.”