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The 1-2-1 scheduling philosophy

In his first season at Ball State, Pete Lembo saw a wide range of offensive strategies throughout the course of their schedule. They got a heavy dose of cut blocks with the triple option from Army, the spread no huddle of Oklahoma, the spread run dominated attack of Temple, and topped it off with a heavy dose of conference MACtion during the season.

Lembo said that when he took the job, the schedule was all over the map, and come 2014 (his fourth season at Ball State), that will change...along with a new scheduling philosophy.

“At Ball State, winning was all over the map, and also, the scheduling was all over the map. No matter what you are trying to achieve in life, you have to have a plan. You have to keep the well-being of your student-athletes in mind and continue to try and think about the goals that you have for your program, and in regards to those goals, your schedule has to be set up to help you get there.”

Lembo's plan for the 2014 schedule is to line up what he calls the "1-2-1" scheduling philosophy. That philosophy includes an FCS program, two programs comparable to Ball State, and a BCS program, to see where they measure up when all is said and done.

“You want to be able to say when you look at the schedule, absolute worst-case scenario we could be 1-3, but really 2-2 is more realistic, from a fan-base standpoint, you can't schedule yourself to 0-4 and be out of the running for a bowl game by the end of September.”