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The 30 most expensive tickets in college football

Here's something that won't surprise you: people will pay a lot of money to see big-time college football games.

With the help of market analysts Tip IQ, has compiled the list of 30 priciest tickets for the 2013 college football season. Of course, lists like this are always subject to change. Fans are willing to pay anything to see their team when it's undefeated. By November, when they've suffered a loss or five, that typically changes. 

Before we get to the list, a few notes: 

- Not surprisingly, SEC fans open their wallets to see their teams. An SEC team is involved in 16 of the 30 games on the list.

- The title of most expensive team in the country to follow belongs to LSU. The Bayou Bengals share the team lead with Georgia with five appearances, but each of LSU's games checks in on the top half of the list.

- Most surprising game on the list? Skip down to No. 22. On a list full of the biggest brands in college football, there sits Houston at Temple on Sept. 7. Are people really paying $300 to see this game.

- In accordance with the "fans will pay anything to see their team as long as they're undefeated" theory, the top three games all occur before the end of September: Alabama at Texas A&M on Sept. 14, LSU vs. TCU on Aug. 31 and Oklahoma at Notre Dame on Sept. 28. 



Average Asking Price

Alabama at Texas A&M

Sept. 14


LSU vs. TCU (at Dallas)

Aug. 31


Oklahoma at Notre Dame

Sept. 28


USC at Notre Dame

Oct. 19


Oklahoma vs. Texas (at Dallas)

Oct. 12


Florida vs. Georgia (at Jacksonville)

Nov. 2


Texas at TCU

Oct. 26


Texas A&M at LSU

Nov. 23


Notre Dame at Michigan

Sept. 7


Ohio State at Michigan

Nov. 30


LSU at Georgia

Sept. 28


LSU at Alabama

Nov. 9


Michigan State at Notre Dame

Nov. 21


Alabama at Auburn

Nov. 30


Wisconsin at Ohio State

Sept. 28


Florida at LSU

Oct. 12


Georgia at Clemson

Aug. 31


South Carolina at Georgia

Sept. 7


Clemson at South Carolina

Nov. 30


Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (at Atlanta)

Aug. 31


Army vs. Navy (at Philadelphia)

Dec. 14


Houston at Temple

Sept. 7


Penn State at Ohio State

Oct. 26


Florida State at Florida

Nov. 30


Florida at South Carolina

Nov. 16


Michigan at Michigan State

Nov. 2


Georgia at Georgia Tech

Nov. 30


Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Dec. 7


Iowa at Ohio State

Oct. 19


Alabama at Mississippi State

Nov. 16