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The Aggies have something insane up their sleeves

The zubaz trend is older than every player currently on your roster. But it looks like Texas A&M might try to bring it back - at least for one week.

Yesterday, Texas A&M recruiting Twitter account tweeted the following:

Then, Wednesday morning, Adidas sent out this picture of Kevin Sumlin's personal recruiting helicopter, lovingly known as the Swagcopter.

On one hand, zubaz is awful. On the other, recruits will probably love it. They don't have fashion scar tissue from the late 80's and early 90's to fight through. 

Ultimately, though, you're currently reading an article about the uniforms Adidas will outfit Texas A&M in for their trip to Missouri on Saturday night. Guess who wins? Adidas.

UPDATE: It appears the helicopter tweet was too good to be true. But, still, the Aggies will have some special uniforms on Saturday.