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The Beer Truck


Each Tuesday during the season, we recognize several coaching staffs that we feel did outstanding jobs that week. Over the past few weeks, we've been saying that somebody needs to buy the winning coaches a beer (we've even lobbied for some wonderful sponsor to provide FootballScoop with an actual beer truck and we promise to bring it fully loaded to the AFCA). Even if we only get to use it for a few days, it would be cool and very well received and appreciated (note the continuing hints to all sponsors reading this). 

So, our friends at the moving company, Family Relo decided to do a class act. They called up and said that one of their trucks was going to deliver us a couple of cases, "the least we can do" they said. We were incredibly appreciative. 

Only problem is, the Family Relo truck showed up early and our crack research staff took a liking to the frosty beverages. A moving company showing up early and with frosty beverages in hand (every man's dream)...amazing!

Game Changing Coaches for this week will be delayed by one day (while our guys shake the cobwebs out). Look for the Week 13 installment Wednesday morning!

The guys at Family Relo prove time and again that they are the best moving company on the planet.