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The Breakdown - Monday August 5

Beginning today we plan to bring you a "best of" the news that broke today. The summary will include the quick recap of some of the best stories from FootballScoop as well as other items we think you might find interesting. Feedback is welcome here or via Twitter.

Monday August 5, 2013

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The Scoop: Sources told us today that West Georgia head coach Daryl Dickey will announce tomorrow that this will be his last season as head coach. 

High School Scoop: A few programs are still looking to hire a few assistants.

Notre Dame unveiled some fresh new uniforms for their "Shamrock" series. We like the uniforms; but question the addition to the helmet. 

Rich Rod on the hardest part of camp for freshmen: "The hardest part for freshmen is the mental part. We are purposely having two periods a day devoted to rookies to force them to learn a little bit. Sometimes, you want them to learn by watching, but you learn a whole lot better by getting reps."

Kevin Wilson took his guys on a team building play some paint ball (excellent video). 

James Franklin on the weather in Nashville: "I don't like it. I wish it was 145 degrees right now. I love it really hot because it builds mental and physical toughness. We want to try to make practices as hard as we possibly can so that the games will be easy." Franklin told a reporter after their second practice, "If you could find a way to make it 125 degrees with hail, and rain, and strong winds than we would prefer that."

Tulsa has some shiny new lids...

From Sports Illustrated: He's possibly the most polarizing college football personality not working for ESPN. CBS analyst Gary Danielson on how he prepares for a game and why people dislike him

Dana Holgorsen on leadership: "We started our meeting last Wednesday on that subject. What defines a leader? What's the definition of a leader? You can't find it. It's not in any book, it's not in the dictionary, it's not the same every year so what I've told our guys is that 'Yeah, we have to develop leadership'." "Everybody in the room, everybody on the team, everyone practicing right now, coaches and players, have the capabilities to be a leader. It starts with being able to lead yourself and doing everything right on and off the field. Then you have to put yourself in a position to make plays."

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Excellent coach to follow on Twitter: TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson - Engages with followers, provides updates on the program, shares plenty of cool pics and generally has a good time on Twitter.

The best hit we saw today came compliments of Oklahoma...

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