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The Breakdown - Thursday, August 15

Thursday August 15, 2013

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The Scoop: Bowdoin College (D-III - ME) has landed a veteran defensive line coach.

Central Florida has a new black alternate helmet. What's with the gigantic gold stripe?

This is great - professional football is about to return to Los Angeles in the form of the LA KISS of the Arena Football League. That's correct, an arena team owned in part by members of KISS. 

Phil Savage, executive director of the Senior Bowl, on evaluating quarterbacks in 2013: "I just remember [longtime offensive coordinator] Homer Smith saying years ago, if you take a 6-foot quarterback and put him in the shotgun, he can look like a million dollars. You have to be careful if you over-evaluate completion percentage and these ridiculous touchdown-to-interception ratios. These kind of systems beg the quarterback to post those kind of numbers."

Rice hit the pool with style on Wednesday.

David Shaw: "As much as we can, we're going to change college football." Great story from Sports Illustrated on the rise of academic powers like Stanford, Northwestern and Vanderbilt finding success on the field. 

David Cutcliffe, full-grown oaks versus acorns and what it has to do with the evolution of quarterback development.

With over a thousand high schools, the state of Texas has more than a few interesting high school nicknames. An entertaining look at how the Blizzards, Buttons, Cotton Pickers and Pied Pipers got their names.

Tennessee players got a surprise this week - new uniforms. (Take a full look at the Vols' new greys here.)

Gary Andersen has one very dedicated fan in farmer Don Schuster.

Mark Helfrich on Oregon's famous new pools: "They're cold. They'll make you sing soprano."

Take a nuanced look at the salaries of Pac-12 defensive coaches. And we mean nuanced.

Todd Graham took a jump off Tillman Rock yesterday. Any challenge, indeed.

Mike Leach on his Week 1 opponent, Gus Malzahn: "He's not that new of a head coach. Keep in mind that Auburn won the national championship not too long ago (2011) and have a pile of recruiting classes that teams that win national championships get because they demand attention. And of course Gus was there when all that went on, so it was more like he took a sabbatical than he is totally a new head coach because obviously he had a hand in recruiting some of those guys, too. I think they're going to get it put together pretty good and pretty quickly, and they certainly have the players to do it."

Utah has released photos of its sparkling new football facility.

Mississippi State players were more than a tad bit excited to miss practice yesterday.

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