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The Breakdown - Tuesday, August 20

Tuesday August 20, 2013

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The Scoop: Division III power Wisconsin-Whitewater has added a new tight ends coach.

Barry Alvarez had some interesting insight in a recent USA Today article: "I haven't had one person come up to me and say 'We were sorry to see Bret leave." Read more of Alvarez's thoughts from the USA Today article here.

All the best, TCU. Regards, history.

An interesting by the numbers look at ESPN's coverage of college football through the years.

The staff at Trine University (D-III - IN) had some fun with a Nerf gun to break up the monotony of camp. This is what happens when coaches kids leave their toys around grown men.

 Chip Kelly's thoughts on using a two quarterback system: "If you have two, you don't have one."

Why Missouri sends its players directly to the weight room after practice.

After adding a bowl in Montgomery, Ala., college football will have two more new bowls in the the Bahamas and Boca Raton, Fla., bringing the total to 38 games by 2014. There were 72 eligible teams in 2011 and 2012. Get ready for 5-7 teams making the postseason.

Today's edition of died and gone to heaven: Mike Yurcich.

Paul Johnson needs to get this kid in the locker room before the Georgia game.

Sonny Dykes on why he didn't pursue the Texas Tech opening after Tommy Tuberville's departure: "I didn't think the timing or circumstances were right. Honestly you didn't even think it was right to consider. (Cal and TT) are incredibly different. That was a big part of it, honestly. It's good to go home, but sometimes it's good not to go home."

Who wouldn't want to play for Pat Fitzgerald after watching these videos?

Western Michigan has added a brown alternate jersey. (Pro tip to whomever shot this: turn your phone sideways next time.)

Today's Coach Worth Following on Twitter: Oregon State head coach Mike Riley.