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The Breakdown - Wednesday, August 14

Wednesday August 14, 2013

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The Scoop: Former Penn State defensive coordinator/interim head coach Tom Bradley has taken an opportunity outside of coaching.

It's that time of camp when coaches are looking for ways to break up the grind of camp. A few examples:

BYU took its players tubing

Mississippi State smartly avoided the Southern heat. 

Rice hit the pool.

And Vanderbilt brought the coolest ice cream truck you've ever seen to practice.

While we spotlight the way modern day coaching is done, a bygone era of coaching saw its end yesterday and it isn't coming back.

Dave Doeren sums up what football is with this tweet: 

Les Miles on practice as of recently: "We were sloppy, had penalties, not playing how we'd like. What we can do is run the ball, throw the ball and the first defense looked awfully good.

If your buddies don't have plans to watch football on August 29 it's time to end the friendship immediately. The slate of games is that good. 

Notre Dame has the final piece of their Shamrock Series uniforms.

Tennessee had a world champion visitor swing by practice today.

The 10 best and 10 worst moments from the BCS era.

Michigan State played a frightening game of Real or Fake?

Marvin Lewis on NFL experts picking them to play in the Super Bowl; "I'm kind of uncomfortable. We haven't done anything." 

James Franklin is willing to go the extra mile to get fans in the stands against Ole Miss. This is viral marketing.

#ComePlayWRForTheJoker has made to India.

Coach Worth Following on Twitter: This type of content wasn't what I expected when the TCU head coach joined Twitter, but I love it.