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The Combine drill coaches hate the most

The NFL Combine begins Wednesday, where hundreds of players spend weeks of training on drills they will never perform on a football field in order to earn a living playing football.

Dan Patrick had one of the masters of the Combine carnival on his radio show, and Patrick got right to the heart of the matter: what drill at the week-long underwear Olympics is the biggest waste of time?

"I'll tell you one that's interesting from an NFL perspective," Mayock said. "You know the gauntlet where wide receivers run across the field and like six different quarterbacks fire balls at them from left and right? The coaches hate that drill because you're supposed to catch it and quickly throw the ball away, which goes against the grain of every coach I've ever met in my life.

"The personnel guys kind of like it because they can see hand-eye coordination, quickness of eye discipline, all these buzz words the player personnel guys love," Mayock continued. "That's the one drill that polarizes two drives in opposite directions."

 For those with better things to do on a weekday afternoon (or those with blessed with a TV in their office), here's the drill Mayock is describing:

Patrick would go on to inquire about the merits of the 40-yard dash, wondering as many others have how often an offensive lineman is going to find himself in an extended sprint within the course of a typical football game. Mayock explained that the NFL also clocks a 10 and 20-yard dash time within the more publicized 40-yard dash, but those times aren't often reported. He said the 40-yard dash is actually most useless for defensive backs, explaining that the most important segment of the dash is the first five-to-seven yards out of a three-point stance, a useless skill for a position that never aligns in a three-point stance in an actual game.

But, since millions of dollars ride on tenths of a second, defensive backs spend weeks training on a skill that will not help them become better football players in order to get paid playing football. Thus, the essence of the Combine.