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The complete list of notable 2013-2014 Bowl gifts

Bowl season means bowl gifts for the eligible participants, and that means a healthy debate about the best overall bowl package complete with the latest gadgets, high tech lounge chairs, and of course those gifts that make you say "huh?".

The NCAA allows each bowl to award $550 worth of gifts to participating schools, and schools can buy additional packages to stretch beyond the 125 people allowed to receive the gifts.

The biggest talk on top of always popular gaming systems this year is the addition of the Viva, which is a home theatre recliner complete with USB ports to charge your mobile devices. 800 of the chairs are expected to be given out as gifts amongst the various bowls.

11 of the listed bowl games gift packages (courtesy of the Sports Business Journal) include a football. Even though they may include the bowl's logo on it, this seems like the most original idea that any bowl committee could come up with.

Gift suites are another popular choice. These are events where players and participants are given an order form and allowed to select gifts up to a predetermined value, and any balance not used is forfeited.

I've decided to list some of the more notable bowl gifts and packages below:

Military Bowl
Teams: Marshall vs. Maryland
Gift Package: Sony Playstation 4, winter hat, Ogio backpack
Thoughts: Teams collecting the PS4 are the real winners

Fight Hunger Bowl
Teams: Washington vs. BYU
Gift Package: Soundmatters wireless portable speaker system, Fossil watch, Maxx HD Wayfarer sunglasses, messenger bag, Macy's gift card
Thoughts: Pretty extensive package for a bowl aimed at fighting hunger, don't you think?

Texas Bowl
Teams: Syracuse vs. Minnesota
Gift Package: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Fossil watch, belt buckle, t-shirt, Ogio backpack
Thoughts: What kind of bowl game would the Texas Bowl be without a belt buckle?

Outback Bowl
Teams: Iowa vs. LSU
Gift Package: 150 Best Buy gift card, Fossil Watch, Jostens ring, Outback Steakhouse gift card
Thoughts: They seem to have covered everything in this one

Heart of Dallas Bowl
Teams: North Texas vs. UNLV
Gift Package: Gift suite, ESPN cap, football
Thoughts: Really, a football? How creative...

Hyundai Sun Bowl
Teams: Virginia Tech vs. UCLA
Gift Package: Timely Watch Co. watch, Top of the World cap, Majestic fleeve pullover, Ogio backpack, coin, Helen of Troy hair dryer.
Thoughts: A hair dryer? That's got to be the most puzzling bowl gift of the year.