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'The continuity we have here is unmatched'

Much has been said and written about the continuity of Oregon's staff the past few seasons. After all, up until Chip Kelly left for the Eagles job, Oregon was the only staff in the country to have kept all nine of their guys intact over the past five seasons.

That's something that, in today's world of college football, is nearly impossible to do. Further, it's a badge of honor for any head coach.

That's exactly how Mark Helfrich sees it.

In a recent interview with ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd, when asked how much of the offense would change, Helfrich pointed to the staff continuity, and past Duck coaches, and reiterated the idea that the program is bigger than any one person.

"We’re going to be about 99.2 percent, from a philosophical standpoint, we’re going to be identical. I’m a much different person than Chip is but the point eight percent of the time is the stuff people are going to be like ‘oh my gosh this is the biggest thing in the history of the world.’"

"From your Ralph Miller over to Jimmy Anderson, I will give you Rich Brooks to Mike Bellotti, Mike Bellotti to Chip Kelly, the continuity that we have here is probably unmatched. We have the longest tenured assistant coach in college football in Gary Campbell, Nick Aliotti, Don Pellum, all these guys have been here forever and again this is bigger than any one guy.”

Helfrich is absolutely right, no program can match their staff continuity. Campbell has been with Oregon for 28 years and has tutored 12 of the programs 14 1,000 yard rushers. That kind of loyalty and production pays huge dividends on the recruiting trail, in the meeting room, and on the field. Then you add guys like Aliotti (20 years), and Don Pellum (22 years) to the mix, as well as their numerous other assistants that have an impressive tenure, and it's easy to see the results of keeping loyal, consistent guys around for the sake of the program, and the players.

Helfrich is inheriting a unique situation in Eugene, and he realizes it, which will help in his transition to head coach, and make them stronger in the long run as a program and a staff.