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The Future of FootballScoop

Way back in the fall of 1999, a young grad assistant had the idea to publish to the Internet all that he was hearing from coaches around the country about job openings and new forward to our 14th year, and the future of FootballScoop has never been brighter.

Before looking ahead I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone for their continued viewership. I purchased FootballScoop nearly 5 years ago and I have enjoyed watching the site flourish over the years (October viewership is up over 300% since Oct. 2008). We now have three full-time writers along with several coaches that help on a part-time basis and we cover more programs and speak with more coaches nationwide than any other outlet in existence. 

Here's a quick look back at the month that was October...First, let me say that October 2011 (last year) was the largest October in our history at that time...and October 2012 was 53% larger. Truly a record month for the site. I'd also like to thank all of the coaches on the compliments on the new format of the site. A lot of people over the years have tried to copy what we do; but eventually they all fade away as we evolve and grow. Unique visitors to the site grew 53% in October (over last October) and total visits were up nearly 40%.

Now for the best part (and what truly sets us apart from other sites), loyalty from our viewers is at a historic, all-time high. According to Google Analytics, we had well over half a million visits in October (by the way, that number will double in November, and then double again in December), 79% of all of those visits occurred within 1 day of that viewers last visit...translated into English = FootballScoop viewers return everyday. In fact, Google Analytics has another stat which monitors how many times each person visits the site, in October nearly 60% of all of our viewers visited the site at least 30 times and the % that visited the site over 200 times is unreal. We can't thank you guys enough for your viewership.

We also always find it enjoyable to see which coaches visit the site the most...Google Analytics allows us to track visits from coaching offices around the country. In October we had coaches from over 1,100 colleges and universities visit the site. To borrow a phrase from some movie, "That's a lot." We truly are the premier source for coaching job information.

Looking at particular pages...our homepage and The Scoop (far and away our two largest pages) both grew about 30% in October (which is tremendous growth); but High School Scoop really impressed with 65% growth. 

Over the past year several national outlets have discussed trying to purchase the site / brand. Most seemed to want us to move more towards pushing rumors to drive pageviews and one wanted us to promote the coaching clients of just one agent. While others take the money and do this, that's not who we are. We remain independent and we're proud of that. While everyone knows that we speak with a bunch of coaches and agents all the time, we would never take money from an agent to push his agenda or push a rumor to drive traffic. It's not who we are. If you are looking for that there are plenty of copy cat sites out there with less ethics. 

So, let's talk about the future. We're going to continue to give our audience what they want...accurate and timely information about coaching jobs and what is going on in the coaching profession. You'll see plenty more one on one videos from coaches sharing with coaches and we'll address those items that every coach deals with day in / day out in performing their job. In November we, along with our new sponsor ProGrass, will announce the finalists for the greatest set of coaches of the year awards in college football and in December we'll announce the winners. As the season winds down and inevitably as jobs open, we'll provide timely and professional coverage of every opening nationwide and you'll hear from the guys involved in the searches. This winter, will truly be a website that you find yourself checking 5-10 times a day. Think we're exaggerating...just wait. 

The future is brighter than ever and we have the best staff we've ever had. We look forward to interacting with you daily on the site and on Twitter. Stay in touch and don't hesitate to let us know if you have ideas you'd like to see on website. We have a few new tools we and our partners be rolling out in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

Coaches, we always appreciate the tips...and that's what makes FootballScoop so unique. Our information nearly always comes from, or is verified, by coaches involved or with knowledge of the situation. Since 1999, all sources remain confidential. 

Scott F. Roussel - President - FootballScoop