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The importance of recruiting your student body, as taught by Kliff Kingsbury

In September, we praised Kliff Kingsbury for how he handled a sideline incident, spoke his language and kept his head in the game after an awful mistake in a key moment. 

Earlier this month we praised him for creatively thanking the Texas Tech student body for record attendance to that point in the season. 

And now it's time we do it again.

In advance of the Red Raiders' nationally televised date with No. 18 Oklahoma State on Saturday night, Kingsbury sent out this tweet earlier today: 

Every athletics director at each level of college football will tell you the importance of bringing students to games to create a live atmosphere in the stadium, and to groom the next generation of donors and season-ticket buyers. Kingsbury is likely more concerned with the former than the latter, and he's been incredibly successful so far. He's clearly made it a priority to recruit the Texas Tech student body.

While Nick Saban reprimands Alabama's students for not properly serving as a prop to The Process, Kingsbury invites students in and makes them a part of his own process. 

Kingsbury starts out a step ahead of the majority of his peers. He speaks the language of the 18-to-22 year-old and, as a result, seamlessly resonates with recruits, players and students. But he also puts in the effort. 

If the 1,300-plus retweets (and counting) tell us anything, expect to see some pirates, green men and all sorts of costumes the 20-year old mind can dream up.