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The Jags have created a new roster designation for dynamic athletes

During his time donning the maize and blue at Michigan, Denard Robinson was one of the most electrifying college players in all of college football.

As a fifth round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Gus Bradley and his staff have been assigned the task of what position to play Robinson, while making sure he gets ample opportunities to make big plays on Sundays. With such a dynamic skill set, it's hard to put Robinson in a box and label him as a "receiver" or "running back" they created their own label for him.

Denard's official abbreviated position is "OW" on the roster, which is short for "offensive weapon". Don't be surprised to see Denard line up at receiver, running back, or quarterback at times throughout the NFL season.

Thanks to Bradley and the Jaguars staff, coaches everywhere (or at least those lucky enough to have such a diverse athlete) now have a creative roster designation for that dynamic playmaker that can line up at multiple positions.

Imagine being able to use that on the recruiting trail when talking to an athlete with a dynamic skill set...