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The KHSAA is walking away from their responsibility

This may be the ultimate example of preaching to the choir, but the Kentucky High School Athletic Association has deemed it necessary that I repeat it: the point of high school sports is to prepare and educate young people for the rest of their lives. 

We felt that statement was necessary to reissue following the KHSAA's recent proclamation banning post-game handshakes. The state of Kentucky has apparently had problems policing (among players and coaches) this post-game ritual, so now they are attempting to absolve themselves of that responsibility altogether by issuing a directive to all schools not to shake hands following games (but adding that if you do, the KHSAA is forewarning each coach that it then becomes their responsibility should anything bad happen). 

That sound you hear is the Kentucky high school sports bureaucracy walking away from responsibility. 

Instead of realizing they had a problem on their hands and taking the appropriate actions to fix it, they put up a piece of red tape, washed their hands and walked away. If the objective of high school sports is for young students to learn about life, it's up to coaches, teachers and administrators to teach.

Football is just a sport and honestly, its just a small piece of who we all are; but ask any former player and many will tell you they learned a lot about life from their coaches who instilled respect and accountability in them. Coaches teach their players to give it all they have up until the last whistle; and then you shake hands with the opposing team and you move on. 

Sadly, Kentucky students will now skip that middle part.

This isn't the right move KHSAA. 

Update> Apparently University of Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart agrees with what we've written above.