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The latest from Chip Kelly, Chizik, Stoops, and Al Golden

Do not ask Chip Kelly if he has jet lag: “No. Jet lag is what you make of it. Sun’s up, you’re up. Sun’s down, you’re down. Simple concept. I learned that when I went overseas from a general in the Air Force for a long time. You can’t get jet lagged if you do it the right way.”

“We’re just at practice. You can label it whatever you want, but we label it 'practice.' Not 'spring training', not 'training camp', it’s getting ready to play Auburn.”

Stoops talks about naming Josh Heupel co-offensive coordinator / play-caller: "As has always been the case, our entire offensive staff will work together in game planning, but there needs to be one coach who calls the plays and Josh will have that responsibility," Stoops said. "Josh has a good feel for the game and rhythm that we've been able to establish.”

"This is a great way to maintain our current style and continuity. Our current style fits our personnel and allows us to remain balanced, something that is important to me."

Chizik’s statement regarding Malzahn: “Gus Malzahn has played a large role in the success of our football program the last two years and we're very pleased to be able to give him a raise and extend his contract. In my opinion we have the best staff in the country, and while we want our coaches to strive to become head coaches, retaining them as long as we can is important to me and the entire Auburn family. Gus is a very bright and talented coach and we are looking forward to beginning preparation for the BCS National Championship."

David Cutcliffe excited about the future of Duke football: “I knew this was going to be somewhat of a challenging year. I did think we would be able to work our way, coach our way, play-make our way through and have a good chance of being a bowl team. As you look, we lose by five to Maryland, five to Boston College, five to North Carolina and six to Wake Forest. We certainly could’ve been. We were a play or two short. So yeah, knowing what we had to do to begin with, knowing how far away it was, we’re on schedule. Because recruiting has gone so well, maybe ahead of schedule in that regard.”

“There’s so many more playmakers at so many positions. And for the first time, this will be the first year we have some real serious competition to see who’s going to start on both sides of the ball. We’re going into the spring looking to find out who’s going to be starting at a lot of places. That’s good.”

Al Golden meets with the media in Miami: