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The latest from Pelini, Graham, DeRuyter, and Okie State's team motto

Bo Pelini says Nebraska fans lacked spirit in 20-3 win over Kansas: “I thought it was dead. I thought it was disappointing. I felt like I was at a scrimmage.”

(compliments Texas A&M) “A well-coached football team gets better as the year goes on, and they’re a well-coached team. I don’t think it’s anything magical. They just continue to believe and they continue to practice hard, and their level of execution has gone up. That means they’re doing the right things.”

Oklahoma State corner Andrew McGee describes team motto: "Our motto is, 'Believe while others are doubting you. That motto is on the back of our weight-room shirts. The same shirts that a lot of us wear under our pads during games."

Tubs says missed tackles killed the Red Raiders in the 45-7 loss at Oklahoma: “We had more missed tackles in this game than any one game all year.”

Tulsa head coach Todd Graham says team playing better than ever in his time at Tulsa: “I can tell you that our team is playing better than we’ve ever played. Our ’07 team and our ’08 team did not play at the level this team is playing right now. I think it’s the best we’ve played here since I’ve been here, right now.”

Texas A&M DC Tim DeRuyter addresses head coaching possibilities: “Coach (Mike) Sherman knows that when I came here, I came here because I'd like to be a head coach someday. And I thought learning from him would help me in my career.”