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The latest from Stoops, Miles, Sarkisian, and Grobe

Bob Stoops reminds us that LSU won the BCS with 2 loses in 2007: “It wasn’t too darn long ago when LSU won it with 2 loses. That shouldn’t be forgotten.”

(on if he punted at end of game against Mizzou to help in long run) “Absolutely. In the end, big picture does matter. A lot of people vote by scores. In the end, right or wrong, that’s what I decided to do. I don’t know how many (vote based off scores), but obviously it happens. I felt it was the best opportunity to keep us in the big picture.” 

Les Miles talks about Alabama game: “There is an enjoyment when you measure yourself against your best opponents.” 

(on Alabama) “It’s tackle football. It’s just the way you’d like to have it.”

“We want this to be…we score and hopefully they don’t.”

Steve Sarkisian wants UW to stay together and stick to plan just as Stanford did when building under Jim Harbaugh, who didn’t have a winning season until year #3: "I have assessed them because I think in some ways they are a good model for how they stuck to their plan. I think both programs believed in their schemes, believed in their systems, believed in their coaches and stuck to it. Maybe they didn't win all the games they wanted to in years one, two, three and four, or whatever that may be. But they stuck to their systems and their schemes and they recruited to their schemes.”

"To me what's impressive about it is they stuck to their plan, and they didn't get knocked off course because they didn't win as many games as they wanted to early on. And so for ourselves here it just kind of shows that, 'Man, just keep doing what you are doing, believing in what you are doing and you will get there.' "

Butch Davis breaks down FSU offensive film: Watch it right here.

Quoting Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe: “We’re putting out so many fires on both sides of the ball, it’s hard to get our heads above water.”

Randy Shannon focused on staying the course: “It’s something you have to go through. It bothers me, it upsets me. It burns me up inside, but I know one thing – I have to get this team back and ready to play Maryland. If I go out there ranting and raving like a maniac and doing things like that instead of coaching and being excited at practice and giving Stephen Morris (QB) all the confidence in the world, it’s not going to happen. It’s going to be the same way.”