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The Longhorn Network

The Longhorn Network launched last night...and we're betting you didn't see it.

In fact, nationwide, only about 20,000 people even had access to it (none of them in Central Texas).

Beginning September 1st, the joint venture between the University of Texas and ESPN, the network is expected to be available in nearly 4 million homes within the state.

Programming this weekend includes three live volleyball games, a live women's soccer match, replays of 10 "classic" UT football games played over the last 40 years and yes, the inaugural episode of "Texas All Access" which offers behind the scenes footage of the football program.

Yesterday it was announced that no other cable news channels (presumably not to include the Worldwide Leader which is a partial owner of the Longhorn Network) would be allowed to broadcast Mack Brown's postgame or his Monday news conferences live.

Also yesterday, the NCAA came out with the following statement regarding the Longhorn Network's ability to show high school athletic content: 

The NCAA is monitoring content on the Longhorn Network and its news coverage of high school sports. With respect to NCAA bylaws as the Association has continued to review the issue, acceptable content is limited to scores, statistics, standings and news video used to report those details.

We will continue to monitor the Longhorn Network to determine if the content is produced within those guidelines.