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"The more snaps an offense has, the more opportunities for takeaways"

Over the past few years, many defensive coordinators and defensive minded head coaches have been quite vocal about their opposition to the no huddle, often citing the safety of players as the main concern.

Ask Texas Tech defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt and you'll likely get a much different outlook.

Yesterday, while explaining the damage that Oklahoma's explosive plays did to the defensive game over the weekend (in the Red Raiders' first loss of the season), Wallerstedt explained his defensive philosophy; if they can limit the big plays and force the offense to sustain prolonged drives, they've got more chances for his defense to come up with a takeaway.

"You look at the explosive plays that we gave up, and we gave up seven explosive plays, which we consider to be anything over 12 yards in the run game or a 20 yard pass or more. That's what we consider a big play. Last week we gave up seven, four in the run game and three in the pass game that accumulated 224 yards.

"So when you remove them and you look at 65 other snaps for 302 yards, there is a lot of good football. We just have to keep a lid on it and force them to go the 98 yards, even though that's not really what we want to do...but we've always said that if they can move the big field on us and score, then hats off to them."

"The more times that offenses have to snap the ball, the more opportunities that we have to take it away."