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The most interesting man in college football

Honestly, we go back and it Les or is it Leach? For this one day, we believe we have the answer...

Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman wrote up a very interesting interview with Mike Leach. You should really read the whole thing...but a couple of quick ones...

Leach is starting to settle into the environment up in Pullman, even though he has yet to see the house that his wife picked out for them. "I've heard it's nice." Leach said.

Bohls asked Leach when they would be ready to beat the Oregon and USC and win the Pac 12, to which Leach responded "It depends, during the season, if you ask me on a Sunday how we're going to do, I'd say I don't know if we can beat Pullman High. By Friday, I'm pretty sure we can beat the Giants."

Possibly the most "Leach" thing in the article is a brief note that Leach rode his bike 3 miles to his first interview with Washington State AD Bill Moos. On this day, we proclaim Mike Leach the most interesting man in college football. 

The ball is now in your court Les!