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The most viewed College GameDay segments of the year


In somewhat surprising news, ESPN's College GameDay's viewership dropped nearly 10% from last season, according to a report from the Sports Business Daily.

This year, the popular pregame show went from a three hour segment that had been used from 2009-2012, down to a two hour show, and saw viewership drop significantly.

The most viewed game of the year was the season opener featuring Georgia and Clemson (2.1 million), which was one of only two shows to eclipse the 2 million viewer mark (Alabama vs. Auburn being the other one). One of the more surprising draws was the GameDay's crew trek to Fargo for the North Dakota State vs Delaware State game. That game drew 1.82 million viewers, drawing more viewers than LSU vs. Georgia, Miami vs. Florida State, Stanford vs. USC, and the Big Ten Championship game.

Consider this: The total population of the entire state of North Dakota is just under 700,000 people, according to 2012 census information, and that FCS game drew 1.82 million viewers.

Below is a full list of the College GameDay viewership for 2013, followed by the average viewership of the show dating back to 2009.


(H/T to the Sports Business Daily)