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The NCAA has (sort of) adopted an early signing period for football

The slow march toward an early signing period for football took an important step forward on Friday as the NCAA approved an early signing period for early-enrolling prospects. Players planning on enrolling early are now able to sign with their chosen school on August 1 of their senior year.

"The academic and membership affairs staff determined that a prospective student-athlete who intends to graduate from high school midyear and enroll at a member institution midyear during the same academic year (e.g., spring semester) may sign an institutional financial aid agreement on or after August 1 of his or her senior year, provided the institution issuing the financial aid agreement establishes, prior to issuing the agreement, that the prospective student-athlete is enrolled in all coursework necessary to graduate from high school at midyear," the legislation states.

For those among us who do not speak legalese, there's one important distinction between an August 1 signee and a February signee. Early enrollees will not be signing a National Letter of Intent, which means the school would be committing a scholarship to the player, while the player is not bound to attend that university.

Don't expect that to stop coaches from attempting to get as many recruits as possible to put pen to paper before their senior year begins, however.