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The new look

Today you might have done a double take when you got to the site. Yep, we went and updated this wonderful site.

Traffic to the site the past few years (especially this past year) has grown substantially and the back-end server was a few cycles behind and needed a bit more than just an oil change and new tires. 

While we're not done tinkering with a few things, we hope you like the new, cleaner, faster website. "Mobile" has become a significant portion of our traffic and this design has that in mind. While the presentation on an iPhone is still being cleaned up, the site presents very well on an iPad and will on a phone once finalized. 

Over the past few months we've spoken with hundreds of coaches about what they'd like to see more of on the site and we routinely heard "more video" and "more interaction with twitter". Hence, scroll down through the new homepage and you'll first see the new twitter center (featuring our tweets, a tweet of the day, and the latest tweets from FBS head coaches) and then you'll get down to our enhanced video section. Note the blue button which will take you to our archive of videos we've featured on the site recently. 

We've recently added a new writer to the site. Zach Barnett joins us from the National Football Foundation (and previously with both North Texas and Texas football). Barnett's a guy you're going to love to read and interact with here on FootballScoop. Follow him on Twitter here.

Finally, we've added additional staff manning The Scoop, Strength Scoop and High School Scoop. You will find no better coverage of all of the latest coaching job information nationwide. 

One item you might notice that we've killed off is our message boards. We would encourage you guys to use the commenting system on the articles to carry on the conversation. We do have a few more features that we will be introducing in the coming months which will once again allow some peer to peer communication; but it will be done in a different style than traditional message boards. Stay tuned, we think you'll like it.

We always appreciate your feedback. See something you really like on the site, or maybe something you feel we should add, please let us know via email to Scott (