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The NFL is introducing a new test at the combine

To go along with the infamous Wonderlic test, the NFL will be introducing a new test during the NFL combine.

The new test, called the Player Assessment Tool (or PAT), is designed to provide a comprehensive look at a player's "non-physical capabilities, aptitudes, and strengths", according to an NFL memo. While the test will be taken in a classroom type environment, similar to the Wonderlic, it will be a 60-minute exam, as opposed to the 12-minute Wonderlic.

Attorney Cyrus Mehri, who helped formulate the PAT, says that there is no way for players to study for the new test, noting that it is aimed at finding out the different types of intelligences that a player may possess instead of strictly measuring intelligence.

According to writer Steve Wyche, after the test every team will receive a page of "coaching points" on every player. The aim is that the coaching points will help teams and front offices evaluate players and determine whether they'll mesh with certain coaching styles and various player personalities.

Those coaching points will provide coaches with insight as to whether a player will get along with certain teammates, or make it to meetings on time, or has the personality to put in the extra time in the film room. It will also tell coaches how the player will best pick up the playbook (visually, or on field demonstration), USAToday explains.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact (if any) this test will have on how coaches draft and compile their rosters moving forward. If it works, it seems like a logical and long overdue addition to the combine. Even thought college coaches spend much more time developing relationships with prospects than NFL coaches do before adding a kid to the roster, it seems like a test like this would be able to be adapted and valued by college staffs as well.