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'The no-huddle isn't something you can just grab off the shelf'

According to The Philadelphia Daily News, the average NFL team ran 64 plays per game this past season, with the Patriots leading the pack at 74 plays per contest. Chip Kelly's offense at Oregon ran an average of 81 plays per game at Oregon last season.

Selling an up tempo approach to an older group of players may be a challenge for some coaches making the move from major college football to the NFL, but Kelly doesn't see it as an issue.

“I think, if you have a bunch of guys that want to win, I don’t know if guys say, ‘Coach, we don’t want to score points.’ I haven’t encountered people like that. I don’t think there are people like that. You hear that and, with a lot of things, there are a lot of generalizations that go on all the time. But the teams that are successful want to win." he told the Daily News.

“If you can give them an advantage in how to win, I think they’d be nuts if they didn’t buy into it.”

Teams are always looking for ways to get an advantage and it's a never ending process. For some, it's the no-huddle, while the past decade has also shown the introduction of "The Wildcat". The bottom line is that every coach is always evolving in order to find a way an advantage and getting your staff and roster to completely buy in and commit to it is the first step in that process.

"This game, everybody’s always trying to get an advantage, it’s [about} the next great thing, so to speak. I’m not saying this is the next great thing, but if you can force the pace in the game...But there’s so many different things that get involved in that. It’s not like buying something off the shelf, . . . It has to be a total implementation, from what you do in the off season to how you practice during the week to what you do on game day.”

Only time will tell how it all plays out, but I think it's safe to say that we're all looking forward to how Kelly manages the different aspects of the NFL game (smaller rosters, a longer season and older players) to fit his exciting system.