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The one word Urban Meyer refuses to say

There's a word that's not to be uttered around the Ohio State football facilities, and it has nothing to do with Michigan.

Winners of 20 straight games and two victories away from matching the school's longest winning streak, Meyer refuses to say the word "lose." Or, considering Meyer hasn't personally suffered a loss since 2010, perhaps he's just forgotten.

"That 'L' word is not a good word for anyone," Meyer told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. "And so the one thing is we coach very hard. Lou Holtz said it best: 'You coach hard when you win.' When you lose, it's very fragile. … As long as we're still coaching that way -- and we will -- they're very hungry."

Momentum, play to play and game to game, is a fickle mistress. Coaches will do whatever it takes to keep 'ol mo sitting on their sideline. 

Honestly, refusing to acknowledge the possibility of a loss seems strange to me, but I haven't won 20 straight games and 54 of my last 61. Meyer has some odd ticks, but hey, whatever works.

"I just want to avoid it all all costs," Meyer said of the word he refuses to say.

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