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'The only difference between guard and tackle is three inches'

NFL draft experts spend hours and hours on breaking down film of offensive lineman each season. Everything from their burst off the line to the measurements of their arms are broken down and evaluated to see how they "measure up". 

As we all know, the interior guys at guard have different standards than the guys that play a foot or two away at tackle. 

In Chip Kelly's mind that's ridiculous.

"There's no difference between guards and tackles. I think that you just see things a little differently."

"People make too much about that. You actually move three inches from one side to the other side. When you're a tackle you've got a guy on your head and when you're a guard in a 4-3 defense you've got a guy on your head. So I think the way Wood (Steve Greatwood) coaches those guys it's a little easier transition going from guard to tackle."

"It's not like you're going from offense to defense." Kelly explained.

Asked where he sees one of his guys playing at the next level, Kelly responded by saying, "I don't know. I'm not a 'next level' kind of guy."