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'The Pistol' offense moving around the country

Nevada head coach Chris Ault takes a great deal of pride in his invention of “The Pistol.”

In 2010, expect to see UCLA, Arkansas, LSU, Duke, Indiana, Alabama, Kansas City Chiefs, and Miami Dolphins to incorporate the backfield set into their schemes.

Ault says, “The Pistol now is a hot topic all around the country. I can't tell you how many coaches call me in the off-season and want to talk about it. That's what I do in the off-season now. I go and talk to coaches all over the country. I could do that every week if I wanted to.”

“It's incredible. But it's a lot of fun. We've enjoyed talking to a lot of people all over the country.”

“The neat thing about it is that this is something that's ours. When people talk about the Pistol, they say it's Nevada's Pistol. This is something that belongs to this university.”

Over the last two seasons, Nevada has finished in the top three in the nation of rushing offense by utilizing 'The Pistol.' Last season, Chris Ault's team led the country with 344 yards per game on the ground.

Nevada opens on Thursday night, September 2nd against Eastern Washington. Other non-conference game for the Wolf Pack include Colorado State, CAL, and BYU.