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The President of the United States may be coming to your campus

Media days kick off this week in college football, so we felt it appropriate to flavor Monday's edition of Three and Out with a media focus. 

1. Odds are, you can't remember a time when College GameDay didn't have a celebrity guest picker visit the set in the last segment of every show. Whether it was a big name (Will Ferrell, Lance Armstrong), a not-as-big name (the school's basketball coach) or Kenny Chesney (who seemingly appears three times a season), it was normal someone worth sticking around for, if only to see if they actually knew anything about college football. According to's Richard Deitsch, GameDay has its eyes set a little higher than usual this season - they're hoping for Barack Obama and Tiger Woods.

"The President has expressed interest and as crazy as it sounds, he might come whenever he can fit in," GameDay producer Lee Fitting told "It sounds crazy to even talk about, I know. Tiger has also expressed interest and we have talked to his agent, Mark Steinberg. He just has to work it into his schedule. We are talking about going to Stanford for it."

2. Lee Corso is 78. His workload has been reduced significantly in recent years, but he obviously can't work forever. But don't assume GameDay will just replace Corso with another coach. In fact, don't assume they're going to replace Corso at all. 

"I like the chemistry of four people right now but if you asked me five years ago when it was Chris, Lee and Kirk, I would have said the show has to be three," Fitting said. "So who knows what will happen."

Our bet is that whoever does end up filling Corso's seat isn't popping on mascot heads every fall Saturday. 

3. Cable companies and satellie providers fighting with sports networks is nothing new. Big Ten Network went through it, Pac-12 Networks and Longhorn Network are still in the middle of year-long wars. But conference or school-specific networks are niche programming only appealing to a small number of subscribers, or so the argument goes. Now, a big-time network could have its own launch hindered by a lack of mainstream carriage.

But, Fox Sports 1 sits one month away from going live without agreements with DirecTV, DISH Network and Time Warner Cable. Fox Sports 1's opening-weekend college football slate? Utah State at Utah on Thursday, North Dakota State at Kansas State on Friday and William & Mary at West Virginia, Nicholls State at Oregon and Boise State at Washington on Saturday.