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The "Andrew Luck Directorship of Offense"

Stanford has announced a large endowment from a very generous, yet anonymous, donor in honor of Andrew Luck.

The donation changes Pep Hamilton's title from offensive coordinator to the newly appointed "Andrew Luck Directorship of Offense". It definitely has a unique ring to it.

In Stanford's official release, David Shaw described the gift as "pioneering a new way to support the school that you love. Our supporters don't just like their school; they love Stanford University, what we do and how we do it. They rally around the class and character of the scholar-athletes who attend Stanford. We are extremely grateful for this support, which helps set Stanford University apart from our competitors."

For those that know Pep, it is now fair game to introduce him to others as the "Andrew Luck Director of Offense" for the Stanford Cardinal. Flows right off the tongue. Enjoy. 

As you might imagine, several witty characters on twitter have come up with a few other proposed endowed positions / titles for other coaches. Follow us to see a few of the more interesting ones we've seen this morning.