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The Scoop on stats - Week 10

As the year goes on, the stakes get bigger, and the games just keep getting better and better. This past weekend was a perfect example of that. Here's a look at some of the statistics that caught our eye through week 10. There's some real good ones in here this week.

Let us know if there is anything out there that caught your eye that you think should have made the cut.

- Of the top scoring offenses nationally, just one is in the Pac 12 (#1 Oregon), one is from the WAC (#2 LA Tech), one is from the SEC (#4 Texas A&M), one is from the MAC (#10 Northern Illinois), two are from the ACC (#3 Florida State and #7 Clemson), and the remaining four are from the Big 12 (#5 Kansas State, #6 Baylor, #8 Oklahoma State, and #9 West Virginia).

- Texas A&M is averaging 45 points per game, which is a touchdown more per game that it averaged in the Big 12 last season.

- On Saturday, Kenjon Barner rushed for more yards in a single game (321) than Washington State has rushed for all season.

- Also, Barner ran for more, or as many touchdowns, against USC on Saturday than 12 FBS had during the entire month of October. LSU, Iowa, Miami (OH), Virginia, Wake Forest, and New Mexico State all accounted for 5 touchdowns last month, while Washington State, Colorado, Miami (FL), Illinois, UConn and UMass each had 4 or less on the month.

- Oregon became the first team ever to put up 60+ on USC. The Trojans have been playing football for 124 years.

- Though nine games, Mississippi State has not allowed a single punt return yard in just eight return attempts. Three other teams (Auburn, Ball State, Kansas State) are allowing single digit return yardage.

- Three of the top five scorers in the country are running backs (Kenneth Dixon - LA Tech, Kenjon Barner - Oregon, Giovani Bernard - UNC), and just two specialists (Quinn Sharp - OK State, and Dustin Hopkins - Florida State) are in the top ten.

- Nine games in the books, and Air Force has yet to allow a sack (67 attempts on the year). Perhaps more impressively, Oklahoma State has 317 passing attempts, and has given up just four sacks on the season.

- Arizona is the team that has benefited the most from penalties this season, with over 900 free yards in nine games (939 yards on the season). Teams commit nearly 11 penalties per game against the Wildcats.

- Kansas State is the only team in the country to have converted 100% of their fourth down attempts (2 for 2). Florida State is dead last in offensive fourth down conversions, going 0 for 2 through their first nine games.

- The most aggressive staffs when it comes to going for it on fourth down are Army (34 attempts), Penn State (30 attempts), Air Force (27 attempts) and UMass (27 attempts).

- Nebraska, Florida and Florida State all have defenses that are holding their opponents to a less than 50% completion rating.

- Stanford has the nation's top run defense, and is the only defense in the country that is allowing less than 2 yards per carry (1.91).

- Louisiana Tech and Alabama are the only two teams in the country yet to throw an interception. On the flip side, Western Michigan, Washington State and Idaho have all thrown 16 picks each. Our research shows that there are no starting quarterbacks at the FCS, D-II or D-III level that can say that.

- Seven players in the FBS have reached the 100 tackle mark, only two of them are from the same conference (SEC). Toledo, UAB, Kentucky, Boston College, Iowa, Tennessee, and Army all have linebackers with 100 tackles or more and all of them but Kentucky linebacker Avery Williamson (10 games) have done it in 9 games.

- Houston has two linebackers in the top seven players nationally in tackles for loss.

- Tulane, San Jose State, and Alabama are the only teams with kickers who have converted 100% of their field goal attempts. All three kickers have at least 9 attempts.

- Texas State, UMass, Eastern Michigan, Army, New Mexico, Idaho and Colorado are all giving up an average of 7 yards per play on defense. Not surprisingly, none of those teams have more than 4 wins on the season (New Mexico is 4-6).

- Louisiana Tech punter Ryan Allen has booted the ball almost two yards more on average (48.79 yards per punt) than the top punters from the last two seasons (2011 - 47.04 yards per punt, 2010 - 46.37 yards per punt)., .

- Western Kentucky's Quanterus Smith and Bowling Green's Chris Jones have the exact same amount of sacks (11.5 which is tied for first nationally) for the exact same amount of yardage (79 yards). However, Smith has put up the numbers in one less game.