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The Scoop on Stats - Week 15

With 99% of the FBS regular season games in the books, and the FCS, D-II and D-III playoffs getting down to crunch time, we took a look back at some interesting stats from the year that have caught our attention.

Let us know what you're seeing as well.

- In Mark Stoops' last game as the defensive coordinator at Florida State before moving on to become the head coach at Kentucky, his unit was able to hold Georgia Tech to nearly 150 yards below their rushing average for the season.

- Wisconsin ended the Big Ten title game with three running backs eclipsing the 100 yard mark. It was the first time in school history that the Badgers had accomlished that.

- With the win over UCLA this past weekend, Stanford swept the state of California for the third straight year. The three year accomplishment is a first in school history.

- Kent State improved their rushing offense by over 90 spots in the national rankings, and had two 1,000 yard rushers on the year.

- Baylor finished the season with the nations biggest gap between their total offensive and defensive rankings. Offensively, the Bears ranked #1 in total offense, while they ranked 123rd in total defense (a difference of 122 spots).

 - The service academies rank #1 (Army), #2 (Navy), and #5 (Air Force) in penalties on the season. Their discipline definitely carries over to the field. Add up their total penalty yardage per game (84 yards) and it's still less than UCLA, who was the most penalized team in the nation (93 yards per game)

- Only four teams (Kansas, New Mexico State, Eastern Michigan, Boston College) ended 2012 averaging less than a sack per game.

- Wake Forest was the only team in the country to not allow a passing touchdown in the fourth quarter.

- The 2012 Texas defense allowed more yards per game than any team in program history. The Longhorns still finished middle of the pack (5th) in the Big 12 in total defense. 

- Eastern Michigan, North Carolina and Marshall were the only teams in the country to allow more than 2 touchdowns on kick returns this year. Each have allowed 3.

- Oregon is 4-1 against ranked teams with an average margin of victory of nearly 29 points in those wins.

- Michigan State's scoring defense ranks 10th in the country, while their scoring offense ranks 109th. That's quite the disparity.

- Oregon, who ranks second nationally in scoring (51 ppg), converted on just 5 field goal attempts this season (5 for 12).

- North Texas gave up just 5 sacks through 12 games (375 attempts).

- Over the past five seasons, just three teams have scored 90 or more touchdowns in a season (2011 Houston - 93 TD's, 2008 Oklahoma - 99 TD's, 2008 Tulsa - 90 TD's). With a strong bowl game, Oregon will be able to join that group (85 touchdowns on the year). Louisiana Tech also would have been in reach with 84 touchdowns on the year.