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The Scoop on stats - Week 8

 Last week was one of the most exciting weekends of college football to date. Two point conversions to decide games, and plenty of games going down to the wire. With only a handful of weeks left to go, we hope to see plenty more Saturdays like that.

Here's some stats that caught our eye over the weekend. Let us know if there's anything you've seen that is worthy of being included.

- In case you missed our note earlier, a Kansas high school quarterback rushed for 659 yards in a single game, which tops the rushing total for 10 FBS teams through at least six games.

- USC ran only 48 offensive plays, and scored 50 points on Saturday. On the flip side, Colorado ran 85 plays and scored just 6 points.

- As Zach Barnett points out (via Anthony Andro), the Big 12 featured more touchdowns (48) than punts (47) over the weekend.

- Over the past four games, Texas has given up 197 points and over 2,300 yards. In comparison, over the past 19 games, Alabama has given up 151 points and 3,474 yards.

- Florida is the first team since 2000 to put up 40 points while producing less than 200 yards of total offense.

- Alabama's AJ McCarron and Louisiana Tech's Colby Cameron are the only two starting quarterbacks to have not thrown an interception so far this season.

- Thomas More College defensive back Zach Autenrieb set the D-III career record for interceptions over the weekend, picking off his 30th pass.

- Texas A&M has scored first in 12 straight games.

- Louisiana Tech ranks in the top ten nationally in passing offense (#8) and rushing touchdowns (#2).

- Air Force has still not allowed a sack; however they have only attempted 74 passes.

- New Mexico (95), Air Force (74) and Army (72) are the only four teams in the nation yet to reach 100 pass attempts. 

- Florida State is allowing just over 23% on third down conversions (29 conversions on 125 attempts).

- Three teams are coming out of their red zone trips with touchdowns 80% of the time or more. Lousiana Tech (85%), Texas (83%) and Louisville (80%) are the three teams that are the most efficient at scoring touchdowns in the red zone

- For running a ton of plays and airing the ball out a ton, it's surprising that not one Big 12 team is in the top twelve in passes defended. Interestingly enough, two teams from the Big Ten (Ohio State, Michigan State), ACC (Florida State and North Carolina) and Pac 12 (Oregon, Stanford) are represented. Ohio State has defended the most passes in the country with 65, followed by Toledo, Utah State, Oregon, SMU, Louisiana Tech, Florida State, Michigan State, Stanford, Texas A&M, North Carolina and Nevada.

- Baylor has the highest fourth down conversion percentage of any team with 10 or more attempts. The Bears have converted on 10 of their 11 fourth down attempts (90.91%).

- Both SMU and Fresno State are taking one out of every three interceptions back to the house. Each team has 15 interceptions and 5 touchdowns, and SMU has done it with one less game.

- Only one team, Georgia Tech, has more than ten scrimmage plays of 50+ yards (11).