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The Scoop on What You Missed This Week

Two weeks. Two weeks. Two weeks.

The Starting Five: Our five best stories of the week.

- Less than two weeks from now, we are in store for one incredible night of football. How college football is finally doing opening night right.

- Bob Ford's retirement at Albany may not mean much to you at first glance, but it should. It's another sign that the program patriarch era of college football is gone and it isn't coming back.

- "Without football you're not viewed as a total athletic program." After decades on the sidelines, Charlotte is jumping into the deep end of college football

- ACC coaches think they know why SEC coaches have proven to be bulletproof in big games. Hint: it starts at home.

- If you're going to go up tempo, make sure your staff is in shape.

The Film Room: A sampling of the best videos we posted this week.

- Vanderbilt threw its freshmen into Dore Wars 2013. Football as it was meant to be played.

- Get to know Sonny Dykes' goals at Cal in this 7-minute featurette: Back in Berkeley.

- Speaking of season missions, here's a good one at Georgia. One goal: end the year with red and black roses.

- The most overqualified inside receivers coach in the country is without a doubt Washington State's David Yost. Watch him work at a recent practice.

- Experience practice through the eyes of an option quarterback.

- The creative process behind Louisiana-Lafayette's new uniforms.

- LeBron donated some new football uniforms for his old high school and took the time to model the new kits himself.

The Best in Non-Coaching News: Keeping you up to date on everything outside The Scoop that you need to know in college football.

- Tennessee will wear some smoky gray alternate uniforms this year.

- The NCAA's chief medical officer has deemed the Pac-12 and Ivy League's recent contact limits "insufficient."

- Two more arrests have been made in Clemson's case against the Howard's Rock vandalism case.

- Study: Just 26.1 percent of non-conference games this season will feature power conference-on-power conference matchups.

- A North Texas school district has entered into a unique partnership with the Dallas Cowboys. Who's ready to play high school games in a dome?

- What's going on in this picture?