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The Scoop on What You Missed This Week

In case you weren't glued to the Scoop this week (and if not, where have you been?), we've compiled the best stories, videos and news of the week in one place for your convenience.

The Starting Five: Our five best stories of the week.

- We started a series on speaking with first, second and third year head coaches to see where they stood in building their respective programs and how each coach handled the similar challenges they faced as a group. Our first-year head coaches were Todd Monken at Southern Miss, Willie Taggart at South Florida and P.J. Fleck at Western Michigan

- We started the second year group on Friday with Fresno State's Tim DeRuyter. DeRuyter led Fresno State to a share of the Moutain West title in his debut campaign and, perhaps most importantly, got a private screening of the Johnny Manziel extravaganza before he went on his Heisman-winning world tour while Manziel was nothing but a redshirt and DeRuyter was in his final year as the Aggies' defensive coordinator. 

- Scott from our staff had the pleasure of touring Georgia Tech's facilities and we have the photo evidence to prove it. 

- We conducted a survey to see what technology the 125 FBS programs are using. 

- Ever wonder what an athletic director's email situation looks like during a coaching search? Take a look inside Mitch Barnhart's inbox.

The Film Room: Here's a sampling of the best videos we posted this week. 

- Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads told the story behind the speech that led to viral fame after the Cyclones' 2009 upset of Nebraska.

- Mic'd up with Washington quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasasopo and Oklahoma cornerbacks coach Bobby Jack Wright.

- Harlem Shake videos popped up at Virginia Tech and Western Michigan.

- Akron took to the mats this week in preparation for spring football. 

- Finally, this is the last thing you expect to see on max out day.

The best in non-football news: We major in coaching news at FootballScoop, but we're also on top of everything else going on in the world of college football.

The BCS has invited 31 bowls to bid for inclusion into the upcoming four-team playoff, which means the Bowl, in theory, has as good a chance of hosting a semifinal as the Cotton Bowl. 

- UCF is making some changes to their uniforms for 2013.

- Boise State and Troy will play a home-and-home in 2017-18.

- The Big East will have a new name by August. Here's what we know: it won't be the America 12 Conference. Anyone else for a resurrection of the Metro Conference?

- BYU and Virginia scheduled two additional games this week.

- New NCAA director of enforcement Jonathan Duncan has 18 months to reform the organization's enforcement process. Good luck.