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The Scoop on What You Missed This Week

We had a great time at the DFO conference this week. Can't wait to do it again next year.

The Starting Five: Our five (okay, six) best stories of the week.

- Speaking of the DFO conference, here are our dispatches from inside the meetings: How to Plan a Bowl Trip and How to Build a New Facility.

- The College Football Hall of Fame welcomed its newest members on Tuesday. We counted 29 current coaches with a good shot at joining the Hall some day. 

- Note to current Texas Tech players: Kliff Kingsbury knows what you want to do during your down time and he does not approve. 

- Got $11 million laying around? If so, you could be in the market for Nick Saban's vacation home. 

- Mike Leach had a great point about what separates the SEC from the Big 12 and Pac-12, and you can see for yourself the next time you go to Orange Julius. 

The Film Room: Each week we post great videos from all levels of football across the country. Here's a sampling of the best from this week.

- If you're a high school position coach, this is a great way to set expectations among your players. 

- Mic'd up: Texas Tech running backs coach Mike Jinks, N.C. State cornerbacks coach Richard McNutt and Washington State defensive line coach Joe Salave'a. 

- Great 2013 season trailers for Ohio State, North Texas and Dartmouth. 

- Saving the best for last, Stanford linebackers: #PartyInTheBackfield.

News, news, news: We had to change this sub-section due to the events of this week.

- The world could exist as is for another 4,000 years and we'll never see another coach as successful as Larry Kehres. 

- Congratulations to Wayne Hardin and Bill McCartney, the two newest College Football Hall of Fame coaches. 

- The Mountain West will have 22 games on ESPN properties this season. Why that's a much needed step forward for that conference. 

- UCF could be adding black helmets this fall. 

- Arizona released 13 new uniform combinations this week.

- There's a better than 50 percent chance your state's highest-paid public employee is a college football coach.