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The Scoop on What You Missed This Week

New Mexico State brings the 2013 spring football season to a close on Saturday. Let's celebrate by drinking a mint julep and watching the Kentucky Derby.

The Starting Five: Our five best stories of the week.

- Ever wonder where your coach ranks among his terms of Twitter followers? We have the answer.

- We cut through the confetti and pats on the back to tell you what you need to know about the upcoming SEC network. 

- Texas A&M unveiled a monster renovation for Kyle Field this week. That news underscores something we've known throughout the last decade - the economy of college football has never been stronger. Here's the video Texas A&M released in conjunction with the announcement. 

- The NCAA banned the use of hashtags (yes, hashtags) on football fields earlier this week. Just in case you're unsure what exactly that means, here's a handy refresher course on what is and is not allowed on an NCAA-approved football field. 

- Here's a perplexing question, why won't Arkansas play Arkansas State?

The Film Room: Each week we come across a great deal of quality videos from across the college football universe. Here's a sampling of the best videos we posted this week.

- Trailer Wars: which 2013 season trailer do you prefer - Navy, North Carolina or Texas Tech?

- Speaking of the Red Raiders, do you think Kliff Kingsbury's staff is having any fun?

- This is a video that your staff simply needs to be duplicating and showing to recruits.

- Here's a look at the beginning of the Gary Andersen era at Wisconsin. 

- Arizona offered a sneak peek at their new uniforms. 

- Indiana's basketball team can play, but it turns out the football team can hoop, too. 

- On the high school level, here are the Texas 4A state champions showing how they became the Texas 4A state champions. 

The best in non-coaching news: For late April/early May, we had quite a busy week. 

- The College Football Playoff logo was chosen, and its description is quite ridiculous. 

- The Big Ten's prime time schedule is out, and the league may be beginning to see things Urban Meyer's way. 

- The AFCA is proposing further rule changes as college football heads into the playoff era. 

- 17 percent. According to a Harvard marketing professor, that's how much applications jump when a college football team has an exceptional season. 

- New uniforms have been unveiled at San Diego State. 

- Changes could be coming to Notre Dame Stadium. 

- Renderings for the Atlanta Falcons' new stadium have been released. Welcome to the future. 

- Louisiana - Lafayette has outpaced the rest of the Sun Belt when it comes to program investment.