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The Scoop on What You Missed This Week

In case you weren't glued to the Scoop this week (and if not, where have you been?), we've compiled the best stories, videos and news of the week in one place for your convenience. 

The Starting Five: Our five best stories of the week.

- After 27 years in the Navy, Brian Haack served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Haiti. Now he just wants to coach. Who's going to hire Brian Haack?

- Oregon State debuted new uniforms this week. We provided our recap of the event, and a behind-the-scenes look at how the players greeted their new kits.

- USA Today revealed a list of all FBS athletic director salaries on Wednesday, and we took a conference-by-conference look at the highest paid, lowest paid and best value ADs.

- Urban Meyer dished on his coaching philosophy this week. Grade every day and never coach effort.

- Jay Boulware left Wisconsin for Oklahoma this week, and Gary Andersen had some pretty strong words to say in response.

The Film Room: Here's a snippet of the best videos we posted this week.

- Georgia Tech's managers work harder than yours.

- Nebraska opened spring football this week in a very traditional fashion. Wait, nevermind. Bo Pelini led the Huskers in the Harlem Shake.

- A Tulsa defensive lineman tore a tackling sled apart this week and we have the video evidence to prove it.

- Experience Colorado's spring practice through the players' eyes.

- Kent State did an excellent job of telling its storied history and showcasing its even-better present.

The best in non-coaching news: We major in coaching news at FootballScoop, but we're also on top of everything else going on in the world of college football.

- The opening-weekend college football schedule is already coming together. By far the best news of the week.

- The Big East (which may not be known by that name by August) released its 2013 schedule this week.

- The NCAA has officially adopted a handful of rules changes and hit the pause button on some of its proposed recruiting reforms.

- Sports Illustrated released its list of the most powerful men in football this week.