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The 'Take' Concept

X&O Labs' ( Senior Research Manager Mike Kuchar was provided exclusive access into Monmouth University’s (NJ) spring practice where he sat down with offensive line coach Brian Gabriel to talk about the Hawks “Take” Concept. The “Take” play is Monmouth’s bread and butter outside zone scheme, which it uses to create gaps to the tight end side. The play consists of three important block concepts, a stretch block, a post block and a space block, which are all illustrated and explained in the video tutorial below.

The beauty of the “Take” Concept lies in providing angles on the defense front side and cutting defenders off on the backside so the running back could find creases. Although it gives the allusion of being a “fast flow” outside zone scheme, the “Take” play often makes it’s money in the C gap, “taking” advantage of an over pursing defense. It’s a universal scheme to install, regardless of the system you run, and X&O Labs shows you exactly how to do it. 

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